How Chatbots and Real-time Chat helps in Client Acquisition

How Chatbots and Real-time Chat helps in Client Acquisition
How Chatbots and Real-time Chat helps in Client Acquisition

Chatbots and real-time chat have become the all-new customer support service. Every website offers Chatbots or a real time chat so that it is beneficial for the customer to get their doubts cleared.

The early marketing strategy has customer service support where it did take time for the customer to wait for the customer care executive to come and answer the query. Think about it, how often you must have got irritated with the tone ‘please wait, our customer care executives are busy serving other customers. You will be attended shortly’, and whoa, this short is good 2 to 3 minutes. Do you think, these age customers have that time and patience to wait for a query to be answered after 3 minutes?

The advent of real-time chats and Chatbots meant to serve the customers query the fastest. Faster the query solved, better the goal achieved gets. Once you have impressed the clientele with your services, you have won half the battle.

There is a thin line of difference between Chatbots and real-time chat

Earlier Chatbots were mere robotic chat which didn’t know the human colloquial language. This has changed over the years and now with technical advancements and usage of NLP (natural language processing); the robot has understood the linguist of humans. The computational linguistics has done a marvelous job to give visitors a comfort zone. Thus, this leaves no stone unturned with that of a real-time chat.

While Chatbots can be specific and relate to only the question-answer part, real-time adds benefits of the company and builds up the confidence of the shopper. In the future, Chatbots are going to be far smarter and therefore, it is good to invest in them. Better AI algorithms will make them efficient and worth-considering as a replacement of human support team. Reducing the investment and upgrading the organizations’ capacity, these bots will be able to serve multiple people at the same time.

Live chats are time-bound whereas Chatbots are available 24X7. The responses are quick and prompt when Chatbots are talking to people. Nevertheless, the Chatbots and real-time chat go hand in hand as the human factor aids in the benefit of client acquisition.

Till the time Chatbots are less intelligent, you should go for an integrated approach and consider the human’s approach and chatbot’s speed.

Chatbots and real-time chats, real boon

  • With track purchasing patterns and monitor data, it is easy to get a customer analysis. This aids the business to know where the improvement in the products is needed.
  • For a purchaser, it is a convenient zone as he or she doesn’t have to look for the email address or location details to reach you. Merely the Chatbots and real-time chats do the needful. The purchaser is happy to get its doubts cleared and so are you as you get more traffic pouring in with increasing dwell time.
  • Such chats know no time, no zone, whether it is day or night, whether you are at the South Pole or North Pole, yeah, that’s too much of an exaggeration but right, you can be sure that it is ready to answer all the client’s doubts. It is cost effective for sure.
  • These chats aid in web conversions and allow you to harvest data and so on.

You too can get the right Chatbot and real-time chat for your business’ website. If you haven’t done yet, it is high time you do it.


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