Orderable Review 2022: Is It Worth Your Attention

Own a restaurant and struggle hard to maintain operational flow, considerable productivity, and optimized operations cost? Well, you’re not alone. The majority of this industry players are stressed about the same.  

Whether you own a physical restaurant or have its online version, worries like high operational costs, reduced employee retention, improper training staff, and many more are likely to haunt you. Orderable, a high-end WooCommerce plug-in, claims to solve many issues for the restaurant industry.

This post tries to find out how true these claims are as it features insights from detailed Orderable reviews.  

Orderable- A Quick Overview

Let me first introduce Orderable. Developed by Orderable Inc., Orderable is a WooCommerce plugin that restaurants use to have seamless online and offline store management. With copious features, the plugin will take any offline restaurant online in no time while adding multiple operational capabilities.

The plugin is a freemium service offered to online restaurants built over WooCommerce. It’s very easy to use and this was the first thing that attracted me the most. There are not many hassles involved to get started.

It saves tons of hassles that one has to invest to set up a WooCommerce-based online ordering system. All of the standard WooCommerce integrations and features are pre-installed. So, there is not much effort to put in. Just add your products, and billing details, and create a checkout process; your online ordering system will be fully functional in no time.

Here are some of the key traits of Orderable that make it an outstanding plugin.

  • Zero processing fee- With other plug-ins, restaurants have to pay nearly 30-40% of the processing fee for every successful transaction. This isn’t going to happen with Orderable. You can have all of your earned profit with you, which is great.
  • Mobile-first design- The interface is well-optimized and works well with all sorts of devices. Whether your customers are accessing your website over the web or a mobile, they will always have a great experience. This is a real game changer because UX matters a lot. For my restaurant, the plugin managed to increase the average user time and user engagement time.
  • Optimized one-page ordering system- Without keeping you tangled in multiple-page complexities, Orderable provides your restaurant with a one-page ordering system that is easy to handle.
  • A free demo- Not every business will have an expert team that will grasp the technical details instantly. Orderable provides a free demo for everyone to understand how it works. This makes everything clear.

Orderable Is A Bliss For:

After careful examination of this extension, I am ready to infer that this tool will bring the best benefits for:

  • Online food ordering services that want to bring every restaurant on board and have a centralized order management system
  • A physical restaurant willing to have an online ordering system
  • An entirely online restaurant seeking end-to-end order management

For all these and many businesses like local florists, drug stores, cafes, and so, the workable implementation of this plugin is going to solve multiple operational issues. It would be better if I try to explain it with the help of an example.  

Scenario #1- For an online food ordering service, it’s very hard to update the timed products for lunch and dinner time. When Orderable is in place, you get a Timed Product feature that helps an online store automatically update the restaurants’ availability time.

Scenario #2- Restaurants having both online and offline presence can use Orderable to maintain transparency in the online table ordering system. It will allow a QR code to every table and allot a physical table to every online order.

Scenario #3- Restaurants willing to keep a minimum order value can use the Order Bumps feature of Orderable that enables a restaurant to suggest relative side dishes or add-ons to increase average order value.

Hopefully, with the help of these examples, you’re now aware of the viability of Orderable in real-time. Understand that this is not limited to the above example. Its strategic implementation can help a restaurant to achieve through-and-through order management.

Features Offered

Of course, a tool is nothing without its features. With user-oriented features, a tool improves its efficacy. Thankfully, Orderable offers a considerable number of features that restaurants generally seek to maintain operational flows between online and offline order processing.  

 Here are some of the key features that you get to enjoy with Orderable.

  • A modern one-page ordering interface so that feature customization becomes easier than ever. This makes a huge difference when you don’t have a huge technical team to handle the online ordering system but wish to achieve great performance. The feature simplifies everything.
  • Multiple product add-ons are provided so that restaurants can easily provide side dishes like toppings, sauces, dietary choices, and many more choices to the customers.
  • Revenue-boosting order bumps are a great feature allowing restaurants to increase the average order value. With this feature, you can easily suggest relevant extras to order. 
  • Restaurants can attain flexible delivery with customizable time slots. The feature allows businesses to set optimized delivery/pickup schedules.
  • The Holiday Scheduling feature is here to make sure your customers are aware of your unavailability hours/days. 
  • The Full Checkout Control feature has every capability that is required to build a fully functional and optimized checkout system. For instance, you can add multiple payment methods, delivery preferences, delivery comments, delivery schedules, and so on.
  • Keeping customers informed about the order status is very important for this industry. Well, Orderable makes it easy with its WhatsApp & SMS Notifications feature. I am an admirer of this feature as I managed to hit two birds with one stone. Customers remained informed about order status which made them feel empowered and as a business owner, I was less interrupted by customer queries and I managed to focus on other critical aspects. 
  • The Table Ordering feature allows the restaurant to use a QR-based table ordering system. The system will capture the order details from the online portal and assign the table automatically. This is a great way to maintain a balance between the offline and online operations of a single restaurant. Without any human intervention, restaurants can easily do the table management. The accuracy of this feature is peerless. I haven’t experienced any overlapping table allocation incidents. 

 Pricing Details  

There are two versions of this plug-in, a free and a paid version. The free version is enough to keep things going right with features like product layout, a one-page ordering system, floating cart widgets, processing orders, and the mobile-first approach.

For a restaurant having a small-scale presence, this might sound OK and enough. But, businesses have multiple units, operations, locations, and workflow to handle, more than this required. I loved the fact that Orderable opted for a wide vision and made its paid version, Pro, so feature-effective that it can look after the far-reaching operational capabilities.

It’s offered at $149 per year for one site. But, you’re going to save a huge deal of money with its bundle Pro pack as you can manage up to 10 websites at $399. Isn’t it a great deal? Yes.

Is it worth the investment? Well, it is because Orderable Pro unblocks a wide range of operational capabilities for growth-seeking businesses. For instance:

  • Multiple product add-ons
  • Allergens information integration features
  • Flexible table slot
  • SMS & Order information
  • Customized check-out facility
  • Nutritional details

Wait! That’s not the end of it. You also get to enjoy a money-back guarantee with the Pro version. So, in case you find it less satisfying, which is very rare, you can claim your money. With the kind of experience I had with its customer support, I can easily bet on the smoothness of the process. They have a highly responsive team to look into your grievance and concerns.

One major benefit that you will get with its Pro version is receiving free updates and technical support for 1-year. Now, this is huge. Updates are important to have time-relevant features and facilities. The Pro version users receive the updates without any delay.

I have been a Pro version user for a very long time and I received updates like Tip and add-on shortcodes, Addon fees and variable products, and additional product information in September alone. 

I don’t have to run after updates. They are offered and implemented automatically. This is amazing as plugin management is less tedious with this facility. 

Considering all this, I find the Orderable Pro worth the investment. In the long run, it’s going to bring more value against the invested money. It’s worth a try. 

Final Say  

Being equipped with modern and efficient capabilities is the key to success for restaurants aiming at improved workflow both in the online and offline mode. 

Orderable is one such cutting-edge plugin for WooCommerce businesses. Not only restaurants but also local businesses like florists, pharmacies, cafes, and many more can attain operational accuracy and efficacy with the help of this plugin. 

As a free version is offered, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from trying it. It will bring decent abilities. But, if you’re looking for advanced competencies, its Pro version is the best bet to make. The benefits that it proffers, against its price, are way more than ordinary standards. 

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