Publishing Guest Posts with us

We Now Accept Guest Posts Too.

Let’s Collaborate: Promote your words with us

TechieMechie now accepts guest posts by individuals as well as organizations.

Please note that we publish blog posts, articles, how-to guides, SaaS product review posts, physical product review posts, business tips, opinions, top product(s) listicles, and similar content in various categories. These categories include technology, business, food, health, lifestyle, digital marketing, photography, travel, pregnancy, stories, recipes, and miscellaneous.

If your content belongs to any of these categories or something exciting, we might consider it for our blog.

Feel free to pitch your idea or content to us at [email protected] in this case.

But, before you reach out to us, make sure that you are adhering to these guidelines:

Tell your Intention Precisely

We are ok with promotional write-ups as well as informative ones, but content should deliver value to our readers.

To start an honest collaboration, we expect from you that you will be upfront and clear about why you want to collaborate with us. Please mention this clearly in your email.

Guidelines for the Content

  • We welcome you to share the article title and a rought outline, in order to save your efforts in re-doing the content and to avoid rejections.
  • Do not share an already-published content piece or a very common idea for consideration.
  • Though we accept promotions, excessive promotion will degrade the quality of content. So, make sure to limit your marketing activities within the article.
  • Your content must be unique; it should pass CopyScape check.
  • Your content should be error-free, engaging, and factually correct.
  • Accepted Guest Post Length: a minimum of 800 words.
  • Please go thorugh our site and see a few published articles before writing content. We would prefer the content that matches our tone and writing style.


We discourage re-writing as well as plagiarism. So, in case you are picking top-listed articles and just re-wording them, do not share the article with us. We will also reject the article that has a similar/re-worded outline with existing content on the web.

Our preference will always be original ideas or original ideas mixed with knowledge available throughout the internet.

Guest Posts we accept:

To get accepted and published, your article must:

  • Have a title, a meta-title, details of focused keywords, a meta-description;
  • Have sub-headings and proper formatting;
  • Not have any section with the length greater than 300 words. We love short chunks of information, so please divide your article logically and carefully;
  • Not use passive voice in excess;
  • Have copyright-free or owned image(s) – Pictures are optional, but expected in how-to guides. Make sure to share source link if you do not own the picture;

Also, we encourage you to add tiny sections, like ‘tip’, ‘secret’, etc. This will engage readers and confirm your grasp on the subject.

Guestposting Rules to Consider:

  • We reserve the right to accept or reject guest posts with or without declaring the reason for the same.
  • We reserve the right to remove links and articles from our website, in case we found out any voilation of law, plagiarism in the content, copyright infringement, or similar issues.
  • We may edit the accepted guest posts as per our site’s writing style, readers’ preference or to make it grammatically correct.
  • After the content is accepted and published, reserves the right to edit, promote, publish, re-publish, remove and modify the content. However, we will preserve the credit details.
  • In case of images clicked by you, we only publish them with your permission in the articles. We do not distribute or publish them in other pages without creator’s permission.

About Our Collaboration on Guest Posts

  • We can accept 1-2 links and Image credits for each accepted guest post.
  • We hold the right to update the article as per its relevance for our readers in the future.
  • We do not give monetary rewards or compensation for writing guest posts for us.
  • A contributor to TechieMechie, who publishes guest posts with us once or several times, does not represent us in any manner.
  • For added suggestions or requests, you can discess it with our editors.

The Timeline

It may take up to 2 weeks to accept a guest post. We will email you regarding its acceptance. After this, we will proceed to discuss further – about backlinking, credits, and publishing timeline.

In case of rejected guest posts, we may or may not inform you about the same. However, this should not stop you from publishing your content online. So, after 15 days, you can submit your content on other platforms or publish it yourself.

Additional Information

If you have an idea or article outline, we can provide content writing services (which attract charges) for the same. Our writers can prepare content as per your preference and we will publish it as a guest post after following the above process.