5 Facebook Advertising Tools to Enhance Customer Engagement & Sales


Lori Ruff, a Brand, Social & Communications Strategist once tweeted, ‘Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.”

Understood the depth of this quote?

Well, Facebook and social media are the terms, which are sometime used interchangeably, because of their proximity. Facebook has become the place where people spend most of their time and hence, it is the right place to look for the conversion.

With advertisers going all gaga around the world, the favorite zone now being the Facebook advertising platform. It is perhaps the most significant way to access to a broader mass. It is infectious. This is the reason; the webmasters and the advertisers are on a constant go looking around for Facebook advertising tool that will enhance the customer engagement and sales.

  1. Qwaya: It is the tool where tracking, editing, revising advertising schedules, receiving push notifications and creation of advertising takes place. It has plenty of features such as performance-based rule setting, autorotation of ads. It aids in campaign organizing too.
  2. LikeAlyzer: It aids in assessing the Facebook page performance, provides with recommendations. It gives clear insights on how the site should be handled for a better customer engagement.  What’s more this tool provides access to know about page stacks up too? This lets you know when the competitor’s page is looking at you, where, when and how.
  3. Running a contest: Everyone likes to win. Might as well run a contest on the Facebook itself, where you can ask a question and ask them to tag three friends. For instance “where would you like to go this vacation?’ Tag your best friends you would want to go with! An example such as this, it builds up the engagement period on the site as well as generates shares and tags too.
  4. Canva: This insanely incredible tool enables to custom any image or activity on a Facebook page. It has a pre-sized template to offer. Therefore all you need to do is put in the pictures, texts and shapes you want to insert, and you are right to impress the audience.
  5. Lead Generation: This process of collecting email addresses and building up the email lists is easy and fruitful too. Here all that a Facebook user is expected to do is share or like a post with the Facebook email id. This gradually builds up gradually. By adhering to the Facebook email id access, the prospect need not fill in all the details of her entirely, but at the same time, the details are with the advertiser to tap the prospects later.

In a nutshell!

To excel in the Facebook advertising world, it is a must that the webmaster may design the advertisements in a way that has visual content with excellent images and exciting videos. Something out of the box should excite the prospects. Customers yearn for the personal touch. Therefore a tutorial on’ how to cook broccoli in 5 ways’ can may it relevant and exciting too. Last but not the least; to get the page engagement on, incorporate humor and pour in tons of fun, it keeps the page on a lighter note.

Facebook isn’t something which will fade away with time. With better AI and other technologies, it’s going to provide the businesses with more opportunities to convert users and grow. So, don’t neglect it. Uplift your sales and engagements with Facebook advertising.


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