How Many Types of Finances Available for Small Businesses

How Many Types of Finances Available for Small Businesses

To start any business, financing is the foremost requirement. Analyzing the economic factors on the basis of size and type of your business leads to a successful start.

Most of the small businesses face capital-related issues in the beginning of their journey. To avoid such situations you need to understand the ways, which can help you avail the financial help.

Lease, equity, and debt are the major types of finances available in this scenario.

Business Loans

Debt financing is a common method to fund the new small business. There are many government and private banks, financing companies, and ventures which are ready to provide the loan to startups for commercial purposes.

This loan can be refunded in small installments, along with the interest. Repayment duration varies according to amount and lending party.

Bonds are another great way as they need one-time payment at the maturity date.

Private funding from friends or relatives, in the form of debt capital, is also possible where you have to complete some formalities to receive funds. Your funding provider becomes the commercial lender in this case.

For assets, building, and other requirements, business loans are always a great help as they assist gracefully at right time.

Business funding

Getting investors to establish a commercial entity is a very popular way of financing. Generally referred to as equity financing, this technique allows the business owner to grant special rights to their business partners. These rights may come in the form of company’s partnership, profit sharing, or exchange of a certain portion of ventures which is necessary as the lender of money is investing permanently in the newer assets.

Home equity loans, investing big ventures, angel capital investors, warrants, and government grants are some business funding methods.

Home equity Loans allows the small businesses to grab a loan amount which is equal to the equity value of their home. The major benefit is the fact that these equity loans are tax-deductible.

In the case of angel investors, the business must represent a geographical area or cause which needs economic development. So, if your business is related to local culture, which may extinct, you will find angel investors easily.

Ventures that are interested in doing business with small businesses are also effective in providing the funding aids. Such capitalists are generally found in the very beginning of the projects.

Warrant is a method which can be used by startups in the long-term financing needs. It involves buying exercise price stocks at some future date. That date should lie before the certain expiration date.

Government grants are also interested in motivating the small businesses to grow so they provide grants or tax credits to the startups so that they can expand their business.


The buildings and assets can be used be the method of leasing which require signing a legal agreement between the lending and borrowing parties. Tangible resources like land, office, building or equipment etc can be allocated on specific terms and conditions.

It allows the ownership of new business temporarily. After the expiration of the lease, the properties are returned to the actual owners.

Have you figured out which method will fit perfect with your business?

Debt and equity methods are most commonly used among the businesses. Lease is also advantageous for short-terms if you are not able to invest in the purchase of assets.

Profitability and expanding of your business depends on your decision. Make a right decision on the right time to become successful in a short time.

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