Srikalahasteeswara Temple - Srikalahasti

Srikalahasteeswara Temple – Srikalahasti


SriKalahasteeswara Temple is one of the most famous Shiva Temples in Southern India, known for its holiness. Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, this temple is glorifying the SriKalahasti Town with its presence. The famous Vayu Linga, which represents the wind, is present at this place, adding it to the list of Panchabhoota Sthalams. Srikalahasti is also known as Dakshin Kashi due to its closeness to Lord Shiva.

ShiKalahasteeswara Temple top View (Source: Wikipedia)

The VayuLingam, located here, was named after Vayu Dev as a boon from Samba Shiva when he granted the wish of Vayu-Dev, making his urgency for the existence of life. The temple is also connected to Goddess Parvati who stayed in human form to please Lord Shiva after he cursed and discarded her heavenly body. After long sequences of prayers, she got the heavenly body back. Many devas, including Mayura, Gnankala, Chandra and Devendra have also got rid of curses by worshipping Shiva at this divine place.

Significance of SriKalahasteeswara Temple

The temple has got its name from the three ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. ‘Sri’ represents the spider, ‘kala’ stands for the serpent and ‘Hasti’ is for the Elephant.

The serene location of the temple is worth-watching, which depicts the Dakshina Kailasa Mountain at the back while Swarnamukhi river in the front. It is the place which has relieved numerous gods, saints, sinners and sages from the curses and sins.

The eternal bliss can be attained by visiting here and concentrating on the ultimate devotion to Lord Shiva.


During the Pallava Dynasty, the initial structure of this temple was constructed. King Rajaditya from the Chola Dynasty and other rulers after him paid special attention to the construction of this temple and developed it. Vijayanagara Kings, after 1218 CE also helped in completing the temple.

Temple Entrance – Srikalahasteeswara (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

When Chola kings started ruling in the tenth century, they renovated the temple and constructed the main structure.


The tower at the entry point is constructed 36.5 meters high with a giant and significantly old Gopuram over the main gate. A huge stone hill is carved well to form the Srikkalahateeswara Temple. In 1516, the king of Vijayanagara, Krishnadevraya, contributed in the construction of a mandapam with 100 pillars and a 37 meter high main Gopuram.

Constructed from 5th to 12th century, this temple is situated 36 kilometers away from the holy city Tirupati.


  • Vayulingam, present in the temple was previously known as Karpoora Lingam. Vayu Dev performed praying rituals for thousands of years to this Karpoora Lingam. The lord Vayu then convinced Lord Shiva to change the name and add his name to sacred Linga. He also asked for the boon which compulsories the existence of Vayudeva in each corner of earth of the survival and Lord Shiva agreed.
  • Gnanakala worshiped Shiva for 15 years to get rid of a curse which had transformed him into a ghost.

 How to Reach

Srikalahasteeswara temple is situated 36 kilometers away from the Tirupati RTC Bus stand. Both, the train and bus route are convenient to reach the place. It is 38 kilometers away from the north of Tirupati Central. Any of the Vijayawada-Tirupati trains or APSRTC buses will take you to the Srikalahasteeshwar temple. You may check the temple pooja schedule to avoid the problems.

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