7 auspicious things, essential in Marathi Weddings: A Glimpse of beautiful & traditional Maharashtrian rituals

7 auspicious things, essential in Marathi Weddings: A Glimpse of beautiful & traditional Maharashtrian rituals

Out of all distinct regional marriage ceremonies, Marathi matrimony rituals relay the vibrant yet simple events. Marathi weddings are not like other big fat Indian weddings and occur in the morning but the sacred environment and unique customs make them special.

There are many holy things without which the wedding in Maharashtra cannot be completed. Here is a list holding those essential things so that you do not forget any in your or your siblings’ wedding.


Rukhwat is basically a table, exhibiting the artworks, gift pieces, handicrafts, essential household things with she is carrying to her new house. Five types of eatables are decorated including dry fruits, Laddoos, fruits, sweets, vegetables, etc.

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The main motive of the Rukhwat, which is an essential part of Marathi Matrimony, is to convey the various skills and creativity of bride.


The Halad Chadavane is conducted after Kelvan ritual (praying ceremony of the Kuldevta or deity) at bride and groom’s places separately. The Haldi or turmeric is considered holy and is used in many wedding rituals.

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The paste of Haldi is applied on the face and body of the people getting married as it is supposed to enhance the glow, necessary of the biggest celebration of life.


Mundavalaya, a string of pearls or flowers with some decor, is an integral part of the Marathi weddings. The bride ties the Mundavalaya on her forehead before the Gaurihar Pooja, while wearing a beautiful yellow saree, gifted by her maternal uncle.

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A bridal look is incomplete without the sacred Mundavalya as it is an integral part of Marathi matrimony.

Holy Akshat & Nariyal

Akshat has utter importance in the holy marital conducts. When the bride is waiting for a call to the Lagana Mantapa, she has to pray the silver or gold-made idol of Goddess Lakshmi, by offering the pile of scared Akshat or rice.

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The relatives are given Akshat to sprinkle on the couple while the Mantras are chanted. Rice depicts the prosperity and grains. So, when the bride enters the groom’s house, she has to pour in the rice while taking in the feet.

Nariyal or coconut is another essential thing which is considered auspicious for the wedding ceremonies and included in all important conducts.


After the Seemant pooja, which includes welcoming the groom’s family member to the wedding place, the Chura ceremony is executed. It holds an importance place in the Marathi ceremony.

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All the friends of brides along with the bride herself get bangles. Most commonly, the bride gets the Green Chura which is different from all her friends. She can only remove in after one month of her marriage.


The Antarpat is a silk shawl which is used for an important ritual in Marathi matrimony. The bride is taken to the wedding Mandap by her maternal uncle. But, it is not allowed for both bride and groom to see each other before the main rituals began. So, the Antarpat separation is used.

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When bride reaches the groom’s house, the GrihaPravesha ritual is carried out, where a Kalasha is placed at the main entrance of the house. After family members have washed the couple’s feet, the bride has to knock down the Kalasha inside the house, dropping the rice by her right foot.

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There exciting and essential things, used during the various holy practices, are the vital part of Marathi Matrimony and their awesome wedding ceremonies. Add more to this unique list through your valuable feedbacks!

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