Divert traffic to Blog through Great Facebook Post content. Here's how.
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Divert traffic to Blog through Great Facebook Post content. Here’s how.

Today the entire world is aware of what a massive platform is Facebook. The social marketing tactics have thereby been performed on this medium as there have been more than 2 billion active members every month. For marketers, it is the best way to tap their target audience.

What could you do is, give the audience content that would eventually take up to the blog that is concerned the most. You have to entice the crowd in a way that they are bound to navigate to your page. 

This will aid in giving you a higher generation of leads. Your page will rank in the SERP, which is again good news for your business. Greater web traffic means a more significant number of potential customers and then customers. Yes, you may call it an indirect way of diverting traffic, for everything is fair in love and marketing! Here are a few tips on doing so.

• Adopt clearer and gigantic images

Come to think of it; there is an enormous number of posts on Facebook. The user has to go through some updates of their friends, colleagues, fans; you have to create something impressive which catches their eyes. Everybody seemed to be using large images, but when you do something out of proportion, you ought to snap the visitor’s sight.

This is precisely what these photos are going to do. Post an image with content that is gigantic, and the audience would like to know more about it, which will divert the traffic to the page you want. Precision Nutrition did the same to get the traffic pouring into their website.

Keeping it crisp and clear

Though; it will be ideal to put forth good content summarizing the needs of the customer, dude, who has the time to read it. Remember you are here to divert the traffic to the blog. This is why you have to come up with a plan that keeps the fans excited.

You can put an image of your brand or a customer stating how Leena won a dream holiday, anything free, any competition, any winning ability got to bolt the sight of the page to know more about. Whoa, you merely diverted your traffic to your page.

Sharing blog posts is a great idea

When you see that a particular blog post has been generating some leads, it is better to use that as a weapon hence. You can share the same blog post as seasons 2, or part 2, or an updated format. If the post has already gone viral on Facebook, it will grab the attention of the audience for sure.

Live, the all-new style of conversing

Yes, you got it right. Go Live. By going live on Facebook, there are some benefits. Firstly the audience sees you, they know you.  You can ask questions to them, answer their queries and what’s more, you can use this platform to promote your blog. If they like you, they will love to see your blog.

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