Body Odour: Causes, Prevention and tips to reduce odour


The body odour (or BO or bromhidrosis, osmidrosis or ozochrotia) is the unpleasant smell perceived by our bodies. Even faced that moment when people are staying away from you because of the stinking smell?


Body odour is neither good for your health nor for your confidence and self-esteem. And for your good, as always, we have come up with a post covering body odour, what causes body odour, preventions and tips to reduce body odour. In short, It has everything you need to know about the body odours.

What Causes Body Odour?

The bacteria, breaking down protein into acids, causes your body to release that unbearable smell. It is the result of contact between the odour compounds emitted by our body and the sweat.

When you reach puberty, the increasing hormones, called androgens, gets activated, causing such odours. Odours vary from person to person.

 Preventing Body Odour: The Hacks you should you

How it feels when you have just finished a sweaty workout. You will say: Just awesome, if you ignore that bad smell, isn’t it?

Let’s fight Body odour together.


Focus on your diet plans

The diet affects the body odours. As certain foods contain sulphides and other odour causing compounds in high amount, it can cause a good or bad smell too. So, from now, focus on the diet too, if you do not want to create bad impression on the people coming in your contact.


Use Antiperspirants before Sleeping

Using Antiperspirant at night allows the product to work while you are not sweating. It is actually a better solution can suppressing the smell with deodorants.

Keep yourself Dry

Keep underarms, feet dry to prevent the odour causing bacteria. When they will not grow, you will not smell bad!

Talk to Doctor

If you are sweating excessively, chances are, you have hyperhidrosis. So, consult your doctor to get treatment for this.

What does the smell say about your health?

The body odours vary from person to person. The smell is different for everyone and actually a representative of your health status. A fruity smell may indicate diabetes symptoms as it is caused by the high levels of ketones in your blood. So keep noticing it.

5 Tips to Reduce Body Odour

And finally, the tips which can take you out of trouble are listed below. Read and try these tips to treat body odour. Reducing body odour is not that tough if you know the correct ways, right?


Reducing Foot Odours

Wash your feet after taking off the shoes. Be sure that you change your socks daily. Try to replace the insoles of the shoes which is the home of bacteria.

Clean your Wardrobe and cloths regularly

Wash your cloths regularly, specially the one which you use while working out. The cloths must be changed immediately if you are sweating bad enough to make a cloth smell stinking.


Clean your wardrobe at regular intervals to avoid the bacteria, which can gain the access to your goods.

Stop eating and drinking carelessly

As what you eat affects your body odour, eat with care. The hot pepper and spicy ingredients causes the body odour to go even bad. The onion and garlic can cause you smelling damn bad.

Drinks like caffeine and alcohol can cause more sweating, which ends in body odour. So, Avoid such things.

Keeping your diet enriched with proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables will proof amazingly helpful to reduce body odour. It will also help you in staying healthy.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants are our good friends

Deodorants can help you in smell good as they contain antimicrobials that reduce the number of bacteria, which could have caused that smell.

Antiperspirants are the solution to solve the problem of sweating, and no sweating means no bad body odour.


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