4 Link Building Techniques for Ecommerce Websites


Link building brings in high rankings this is the reason marketers are concentrating on the whole SEO process. But it is also essential that the link building be optimum and can create web traffic. There are various techniques to build the links. Let us have a look.

  • Creation of Blog

It is not just creating a blog but to maintain an active blog. What a properly set up and optimized blog can do you for your ecommerce websites is phenomenal to know. It can help you get incoming links from trusted sources.  But first things first, remember your blog should remain under your domain. For under a different domain, it may not yield the productivity that you are expecting of.

The second aspect of blogging is that the blog should provide outstanding content to keep it going. If you are looking to get links from blogging, it is imperative that you search thoroughly to give the quality content to your audience. Thus the links will eventually direct to your domain and in return product pages. Make the blog posts optimized for search engines; there is no point in delivering an excellent content and are not SEO friendly.

  • Try Guest Posting

This a process where there are websites that accept guest posts. It helps you get links from other sites.  However, you got to research such websites which will make it a difference in your generation of sales. For instance, if you are into health drinks, there is no point in guest posting to websites which talks about packaging industry.  Thus, keep an eye on sites that may yield the profit you are looking for. Give a post that includes your website and is relevant to the principle website as well. So go ahead and look for same platform websites who accept guest posts and rank high at SEO. It will be advisable to see if the websites also have a do follow the link. Otherwise, there is no point in posting to such sites.

  • Knowing Your Competitors

Every businessperson knows about its competitors. They are aware of their business techniques and tactics. You could also keep a tap on your competitors and know their way of functioning. You will understand their method of link building which probably you are missing at. There are some spy tools available by your webmaster to give you a thorough insight about your competitor.

  • Get the Limelight Of The Media

There are countless publishing websites which talk about how a certain number of sites are doing, the company profile etc.  If you can get to them, the half battle is won. It aids you in the promotion of your business. It creates brand awareness and brand loyalty. All you go to do is get to the baseline, the Journalists; they are going to write about you in the end. If they find you lucrative, you are good to go. The idea is to bring your presence in the media world, and the world will love to know you through your various links.


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