Want to be on 1st page of Google? Here's how!
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Want to be on 1st page of Google? Here’s how!

If you have been wondering what is wrong with your products or services or business ideas that it is not being reached to the mass! It is probably nothing to do with the material world but your ranks on the search engine Google. There are about 200 unique factors that affect the page to be on Google’s first page. The task is not easy for sure but is not impossible.

Firstly, why come on the 1st page of Google?

For many, it may sound just a number, but it is this number which is going to outperform the entire segment of the business. It increases your online visibility. What is the purpose of a website if it is not reached the target audience. Therefore when you are on the beginning page of Google, you exhibit yourself to the new users building up potential customers.

Besides the more traffic you bring in, the better it is for the business prospects. When people find you on the first page of the site, they know they can trust you, for they trust GOOGLE. People are aware that Google is a trustworthy source; any source from it is equally authentic.

A quick view and tips on how you can come on the first page of Google

Usage of correct keywords and keyword tools

It takes time to learn and understand the significance of usage of keywords. The mass looks into Google for specific questions and seeks answers thereof. It is imperative on your part to create such keywords that are catchy. Having said this, do not lose the essence of your business. You may also take professional help from Website Development and Web Marketing companies.

Framing impressive titles

This may sound lame, but you must have impressive titles which again must be in the minds of an ordinary man. Be whatever the service or products you are dealing with, using words and phrases like, ‘Know more, learn how to try now, get…, free…, five things…, six tips…etc.

Concentrate on the Meta description

If your Meta description is right, you have won half the battle. No sooner a user looks for the certain answer, Google, puts in forth the top 10 sites that have the potential to give answers. Out of these two, the one with a brilliant Meta description wins the race. It is a 160 snippet summarizing the page’s content.

Keep updating the website

A year-old updated site has no story. But a significant addition may be monthly, or weekly creates a tremendous impression. Take experts help to do so.

Loading and time insights

It is the universal truth; no user will give more than 5 seconds for a page to load. It is essential that the technical aspects be taken care of. Be it the page speed, loading attributes, the social sharing plugins or more. The website development company will aid in doing so.

Google is everyone’s love, when it comes to business or anything else. You are your customers, both find it super-useful. As you, as a user, never think of visiting second or the third page of Google Search results, no one else would do that too. It means – staying on the first page must be your priority.

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