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Social Media for Nonprofits: Boost Your Followers and Donations

For all the noble causes, there is always a mass waiting. But what do you do if the audience is not aware of such organizations? Using social media platforms for non-profits will help in yielding followers and greater donations.

The Approach

Although it may sound like a very hunky-dory story where with social media help you can do a lot, there is much to do behind the story. Firstly gather a direct donor engagement, for that we got to attract the attention of the donor and the new audience thereby. Creating awareness on the social web becomes the motive.

The next segment calls for convincing the followers to donate and retain them for future events too.

Creation Of An Identity For Nonprofit Organization

How do you create brand awareness for your non-profit organization? You have to get a rock-solid plan for community engagement and donor acquisition. The worst part is how you retain the donors too.

Do Your Homework Well

It is easy to get information about the target donors you are going to approach. With various Analytical tools, knowing the topography of the audience, their likes, the places they visited, the events they appreciated, the organizations they are attached to, and much more information can be received. You are not going to tap a person who may not be interested in a dog’s kennel NGO but may be interested in an ‘Old age home’.   Thus identify the audience and then attract them with a plan of action.

Understand The Psychology

An average human will not part ways with his money unless there is something in return. Withal, we need people who are willing to give their time, money, energy to the organization.

The Plan

Here are a few ways you can tap the audience to be generous in their donations and follow the organization too.

Unfold The Story

Tell the people about what made you think about such an organization. The plight of the situation and how are you helping them.

Posting Things Relevant To Your Cause

There is no point posting irrelevant stuff on fashion when you want to help the brothel ladies. Thus bring in favorite themes which will make the viewers think about it. Show them the reality of life. Keep them updated on various issues. Maybe a celebrity donating an amount or how a hawker gave his savings to help the organization, can create a significant impact on the audience.

Use More Of Visual Data

Sometimes words are less to summarize things, to these pictures and videos do the needful. After all, seeing is believing. To bring the audience to the path of flowing you on the noble deeds, you got to create a better visual so that they understand the seriousness of the matter. Drought-prone children surviving on the sand, or human-scavenging pictures, this all will give a second thought in the minds of the audience.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a weapon that can make things easier and simpler for you. There are various other ways to bring forth the followers and boost the donations.

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