iPhone turning off automatically, fix it at home


Being an iPhone user, you must have realized your phone’s protest at times by turning off. It usually happens with iPhone users who are overprotective towards their phones. Let it free of confines and it will work at its best, read the blog to see how. Our iPhones often turn off immediately after displaying straight white lines or directly while processing for Facebook, even if it has been sufficiently charged. It signifies that it is going through some issues that should be resolved in time.

Old and worn out battery

Though there can be many reasons for your tired iPhone battery. It may have carbon components accumulated on the edge of copper on the battery which can be cleaned by you in few minutes but this could risk your phone and can cause further damage.  An old and dying battery can be blamed for random rebutting of your iPhone. Give it a change and get a new original battery a.s.a.p. otherwise, it may damage other components. Try to use the recommended charger, using the high amp charges can cause internal dock related issues, it sometimes shows the phone charging but doesn’t actually charge so beware. It may also give a quick charge and will discharge it at the same pace.

So, to fix internal issues other than battery you can follow these steps

1.    Reset your phone – Possibly few apps contain bugs that leave threats to your phone, damaging its life ultimately. It starts to freeze, hang and become unresponsive at times, switching off your phone. To reset your iPhone enter:

 i.    Settings

ii.    General

iii.    Reset

iv.    Tap on Erase iPhone after typing your passcode.

v.    Enter your Apple ID password for conformation

vi.    Make sure you have backed up your data using iCloud Backup.

vii.     Restore your phone using iTunes

2.    Excessive heating- Running of multiple background apps or junk files may heat the phone from back. It heats under three conditions The battery is failing or if it is left in a physically hot condition or The processor is under a heavy workload. Excessive heating may damage the processor and can wreak havoc on battery which eventually turns it off so as to cool down. Don’t charge your iPhone if it is heating. Strip its back cover and let it sleep for some time. To sort this out you can take your device at service, diagnose the battery, keeping the device in a moderate temperature. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS; dim the display, set low power mode, etc.

3.    Drain and Charge the phone(Calibrate)

It often happens due to unbalanced or minor charging. Let it shut off by draining completely and then plug in charger to get it full charge. Make sure not to use it while hooked up.

4.    Update to new software– Software issues may leave your phone lifeless. Check if the device needs an update. Go General Settings, and tap on Software Update, press Download and install option if it appears. You can also update your device using iTunes

1.     Download the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

2.    Connect the computer to your device.

3.    Select your device in iTunes on computer

4.    Tap on “Check for Update”.

5.    Click Download and Update. Enter your passcode, If asked

If you are still in dilemma of how to deal with it, you can take it to service store if your handset runs out warranty or if you need a quick service. Make sure you are heading towards a renowned and reliable repair store so as to get an uninterrupted service.


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