How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business


A platform for instant messaging on a post in the public has made ‘Twitter; a wonder. Some call it micro-blogging platform. With people’s love and interest of intellectuals, Twitter keeps on attracting the business audience for every industry. This is the reason why innumerable people are joining the twitter.

The Charm of 140 Char (or 280 Char)

Twitter works brilliantly well, as you can put forth your posts in less than 140 characters across the public. With increased character length for several users, the micro-blogging giant has clearly indicated that it’s not going to lose the market any sooner. The reason twitter making all the news is it brings a greater insight of the questions asked. The traffic generation is fast and vast. The tweets spread like fire. You bring in the right tweet at the right place, and you go viral.

Hashtags Empowers Twitter

Hashtags are the real power of Twitter. These are the elements which decide the post reach and many other things that follow. With right methods of utilizing hashtags, you can engage a wide number of people, who are actually interested in listening to you.

What Else?

It is also equally important to understand that this kind of social media marketing and especially Twitter is only for the generation of traffic. You cannot expect sales out of this. What you can expect is higher fan following who like you and want to hear your views. This builds in brand loyalty. The trust is established in resulting ultimately in the increase in sales.

This article will help you know how to use twitter to grow your business

  • Knowledge on various tools

Assume you have created your Twitter account. You have a variety of devices to get hands-on to your business. Get TwitterFox it helps you notify about the tweets within your web browser. Therefore without logging onto twitter account, you get to see the tweets. It is easy and accessible., on the other hand, makes your social media accounts easy to handle. All your accounts posts can go at one post with this tool. Here the tool allows you to post across all your social media accounts. Thus, there are many such tools for Twitter that will help you grow your account visibility and trending style.

  • Use of Twitter cards

These cards help you get a better experience on Twitter. By using such cards, it aids in bringing up people to share your tweets, quote them and more. There is the different type of twitter cards to suit your style. The twitter card helps giving extra information on your tweet which aids in maximizing the shared tweets. There is the summary card, a photo card, gallery card, app card, player card, product card, lead generation card etc.

  • Strategic twitter plan

You must have a well-drafted twitter plan in front of you to capture the audience’s mind.  You must also follow you genre community builders. There is a lot to learn as well. Follow what time the tweets are posted, the response, what kind etc. it becomes easier to put your ace card in front thereof. Thus, have a timetable; yes a timeframe on when to tweet, at what intervals, on which categories on which stories etc.

Wrap Up

By seeking webmasters help the things are sorted better. It aids in getting in front of high profile professionals. The bottom line being, higher the leads = higher in customers= higher generation of sales.


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