How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page to Promote Your Business
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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page to Promote Your Business

The social media marketing is spread all over the mass. It is imperative that every segment of the media be tapped. Therefore, be it Quora or Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, you must have a company page to promote your business. It is the LinkedIn platform that gives an over the edge opportunities to expand the business with professionals and very learned.

Thus, today, if you do not have a LinkedIn company page for your fans, you are missing on to something. Here is a quick tour on how to create a LinkedIn company page for your business:

Getting started

On the onset, go to the top of the homepage of LinkedIn where it shows ‘interest’. Now select Companies and create a company page box. All you do is fill in the company details. The official name of the company, address, email addresses etc. There is a column stating to describe your company. This is the best way to propagate your business. Add the essential products, the USP about your company and its specialties. Therefore write a compelling story that interests the audience.

Your brand name

Your brand name is an essential part to be noticed by the millions.  Get the dimensions right while uploading a logo or a banner image. It is usually 100 x 60 pixels. But for status updates, also upload a logo which is 50 x 50 pixels.  There are tools to help you out design a branded banner image. These images should appeal to the crowd at one go. The banner image could be anything from a happy family being happy with the use of your service or products or a social service event where your company was a part of it. It could be anything that you think can impress your fans.


It is imperative that you maintain consistency in updating your audience about your company. Give them top-notch content at regular intervals. It is important to know that LinkedIn does consist of high profile professionals and experts. Therefore give them a forum which excites them. Do not do direct advertising but an indirect way of putting things. For instance, tips and suggestions, some facts and figures, etc. data that will help the mass at professional levels too.

Use of service and product tab

There is a specific tab where you can showcase your products and services. It is the LinkedIn showcase pages. You can add products and services, images, descriptions, links etc. this is a thorough advertising zone. So you need not restrict to content only. Withal advertise the product as much as you can. A tip, keep the best or the vital product on priority, as the first impression is the last impression. Let the images used be bright and unusual. Thus, asking fans to connect to your page or asking for reviews on the products is a right way of engaging the scholars.

Why LinkedIn?

A valid question indeed!

LinkedIn is the network of professionals. It is considered trustable among the users. It is said that 70% of the total B2B leads are captured through LinkedIn only. You can estimate the power of this platform from the last line only, right?

By having a well-presented and effective company page, you can find out the potential employees to work for you, along with the B2B leads. Hence, it’s what you need foremost.

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