Google AdWords Position Preference Feature


It is all about the number game. You are at the top page, which means it is good news for you and your company. You get higher viewership, better generation of leads and thus more conversion rates. All this and more to know in the next segment of Google Adwords position preference feature.

What is Google Adwords all about?

Well, it is a form of advertising system where the marketers can bid for keywords to get the highest number of clicks and visits. For this to happen, the page necessarily has to be on the top pages to score well. Thus, the one who bids highest gets the reference position on the page. (Yes, Google also needs to earn!)

Google AdWords Position

When a viewer looks for something on the web on the search engine, Google, the first ten web pages are put forth.  Now to come in the upper ranks, the keyword bidding does wonder in getting the web traffic to your page.

However creating positions preference isn’t that easy as it sounds. You have to create more specific ad groups and choose the keywords carefully. It is imperative that the keywords be inculcated it the ad text as well. Simpler the language, more attractive the ad is. Try putting a tone for call-to-action; it brings in more positivity to the announcement. Last but not the least, it is equally important to keep track of the ad that has been placed. There are chances that you may have to change the keyword to divert the crowd.

Google AdWords Position Preference Feature

It is not that if you have bid and won the auction, your page will be on the first pages of SERP. Nope. Google takes into account the quality content too. It is known as the Quality Score, CTR (Click-through-rate) relevance and landing page. Thus, the ad ranks are the device with the bid along with his quality score.

This feature has made every party happy. Be it the user who gets the relevant ad he is looking for, be it the marketer who understands his target audience at an affordable price, and at be it Google, who gets to generate revenue through this. It is a win-win situation for all the three parties.

Google AdWords Position Preference Feature shutdown

However, this feature has been removed from Google in May 2017.  The reasons for the removal are not known though, the alternatives to which is still being worked on.  The ‘automated rules’ in the interface of Adwords; though help in targeting the audience. However, the position preference may not work.

Last thoughts

To put forth the Adwords position right, it is advisable to take an expert’s help. Instead of investing without knowledge and market trends, it will be mere foolishness to lose an amount of such patterns. Might as well, seek professional help such as DigitalGuruPro, where we make every penny fruitful. Get your business the ranking it deserves with Google AdWords Position Preference Feature or without Google AdWords Position Preference Feature.


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