A Beginner’s Guide to Paid Online Advertising


“Why should we pay?” many people ask about it.

It’s better to understand the advantages of paid online advertising before you ask such questions. Very simple – You want good returns, investment is needed in priority. Isn’t it what you do with all the businesses? Then why think on online marketing as a different thing. If you a beginner in this field, you must be willing to use this tactic carefully, and we have gathered all the info you may need.

Online advertising and paid online advertising are two different marketing tactics. This day paid online advertising or say, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is doing the wonders. Most of the business relies on SEO, and various PPC campaigns are thought upon.

To begin with, let us understand what is paid marketing all about:

Paid marketing is where you pay for the advertisement that you own. The marketers pay to the owner of the website, who gives them space to display their ad. However paid advertising doesn’t end here. It has PPC, PPI (pay –per –impression) and displays ad.

Why is there a need for Paid online advertising?

You get the broader audience. Since there is a constant search on the SEOs, your advertisement does get noticed on the first pages of the search engines. No sooner a viewer opens a site, and your ad pops in, he either to see it or click onto the site to see.

For example, an advertisement was stating- ‘Melo just won $ 500. What about you?” now, in this case, the viewer on the ABC website gets this pop-up ad. He or she is either to have a look which is called as Pay per impression (PPI). But on the other hand, if he clicks on the advertisement to know what it is all about, then he visits the site. In this case, it becomes pay per click (PPC). This is where you got to pay the owner of the site.

Importance of Paid Online advertising

With paid online advertising, reaching a broader target is possible. The social media showcases a more significant amount of paid ads. With PPC campaigns you get to know how many visitors visited your site creating more awareness about your brand.

By outsourcing your links, you attain quality traffic, thus changing the visitors to customers. The business is benefited with higher ranks and generation of revenue with visitors turning into customers. You can keep track of increase in web traffic and can have a comparative chart from your last advertisement to the recent ad

For a beginner, it is the most cost-effective placing advertisement. You have set your budget and can control the announcement too. In a nutshell, it is you who is managing the show from budgeting to keyword search to ad scheduling etc.

Things to remember

The paid advertising dwells on keyword selection. Therefore you must do a thorough study on keyword selection. Ask your webmaster to do it for you.

The price determined to pay for online advertising depends upon the keyword and the marketplace value.

Take a webmaster’s help who can benefit you in planning an online advertising, which social media platforms to tap, when to place the ad, where to put the ad, what must be the duration and so on can be done.


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