How to Perform an SEO Audit


It is imperative that you have an SEO audit done to understand the weakness of your action plan. It helps you nurture your website well. Under this audit, the SEO auditor has a checklist through which he manages to check some things. He will let you know what to fix, where your website is probably going wrong, what can be done to fix it etc.

So how do you start?

  • First Things First,

Through an audit, you will come to know the description and the current status about your website. It takes into account every aspect relating to your site. From online set-up to offline SEO, understanding the social media marketing strategies to links. The audit helps in giving you suggestions and recommendations if it finds any restraints on the site.

  • Understanding the Incoming Link Setups

This will help you know the unique domains that are linking to you. The number of links coming to your home page and then to your internal page is all known under one roof. Based on these reports a change in response can be drafted. You perhaps have to take help of trusted domains so that you increase your incoming linking. You can fix the matter well hence.

  • The On-Site Agenda

This comprises from checking the titles of each page to the Meta description, the URLs. The SEO auditor takes into consideration if the content is up to the mark if there is uniqueness in the logo and tagline. How well is internal link working, are the images used are of high quality? It is equally important to know if it is the page speed is bothering the generation of leads. For no customer can bear more than 3 seconds to load a page.  Thus, all these aspects are taken towards an on-site checklist.

  • Analysis of the Website

Under this SEO audit, there is an assessment of the site. It is here that the auditor checks if the website is on par with Google Webmaster tools, or the Bing. If it has an XML sitemap etc. If there is any limitation, the audit will give you advice on fixing things, lost opportunities and recommendations for a website makeover.

  • Reviewing the Social Media Marketing

Under this, your website goes through a thorough analysis comprising of whether the business finds its place on the Facebook page, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc. It also checks if the social media profiles are SEO optimized. Based on the restrains suggestions are put forth to channelize your website.

  • Getting an Off-Site SEO Audit

The website goes through some inbound links and acquires new links. It is here the study of the competitor is done. It aids in knowing what best can be done for your website to give its best potential.

In a nutshell,

By undergoing an SEO audit, you will be well versed with the new trends and techniques. It is therefore advised to conduct SEO audit at regular intervals.


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