Five Tips to Excel in Brand Promotion

Five Tips to Excel in Brand Promotion
Five Tips to Excel in Brand Promotion

Becoming a brand isn’t easy, nor can it be done without promotion. To begin with:

A distinctive appearance and a simple set of characteristics lead to an extremely flexible brand”.

This GoodReads Quote by Woodrow Phoenix, a British writer, sums it all.

Brand promotion is one of the primary elements of a marketing mix. It helps to generate sales and creating brand loyalty. Today with the world having many brands coming up, to mark a design to distinguish the products and services from one seller from the other is a tough job. The idea of the brand is to have the retention memory within the customers. Once the customer is satisfied and has trusted the brand, they remain faithful for years to come.

Here are quick five tips to excel in the brand promotion:

Hit the social media

There isn’t a better way to reach to your mass but with social media. You will see whether, at a restaurant or a meeting, consumers are busy surfing the various social media sites. It becomes imperative to use this platform the best. Create a Facebook cover to promote multiple events or workshops. You can use to show various upcoming events, or a video, or a small advertisement clip, your work etc. to bring your brand to notice.

Look at the example of Netflix; it has used the right way of social media platform by posting the famous quote, or a GIF, something that excites users is tapped here:

Have coffee with audience

Getting to know your clientele is a great plan. Customers look for the personal touch. When they find they are being cared and thought upon, the tranquility decreases and inquisitiveness builds in. Give them content that they are looking for in the form of content marketing. Today the SEO has been the GOD for most of the consumers. Even a headache remedy is scanned into the internet. Therefore give them what they want. Host promotional events and ask them to share or tag their friends to get free passes for the events.

Simple and elegant taglines

Apple’s ‘think different’ tagline does the entire branding. It is easy to recall, differentiates the brand, and certainly gives positivity about the brand. Therefore, chose a slogan or a tagline that is simple and elegant.

Writing lengthy content is not something you should so for the landing pages. Consider the fact that you’ve got only 10 seconds or even less, for the conversion. So, something short and catchy can close the deal.

Exquisite promotional ideas

Offer something out of the box so that the customer remembers it.  If you are a beauty products seller, offer services for a free skin check-up, or hold campaigns for mothers. Create social awareness programs, sponsor an event etc. trying things the traditional way is going to have a lesser impact and so shall be the result too.

Be you, be unique

In the process to outperform do not try copying your competitors. Be you an individual with your ideas and promotional activities. Since your competitor is using pop-up windows to reach the target audience, it does not hold right for you. You got to have something inspiring. Get to a web marketing company who will guide you through your brand promotion.

To do a logo designing, presentations, offline brand promotion and online too, you will need a professional’s help.


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