Beginner’s Guide for Digital Marketing


Don’t know what is digital marketing?

Let us guide you through.

In simple terms, it means formulating and implementing a digital marketing strategy for an organization. In modern times, business houses cannot afford to ignore digital marketing as technology is an integral component of our life. In hindsight, a business without a digital marketing plan is waiting to fail.

To be frank, various business houses are still not clear on how to formulate a digital marketing plan for their business. This is in complete contrast to business houses who do have a digital marketing plan but are frustrated or unhappy with the outputs.

The process of digital marketing

When you have formulated a digital marketing plan for your business or have implemented it, then you are well on your way to ensure a digital presence. Below are mentioned a few steps if followed in a diligent manner will ensure positive results.

Having a presence on the web

To establish an online presence you can list your business on various social platforms, have a website or a blog. In this manner business take advantages of ensuring their online presence. No doubts to the fact that you would need to have the following assets as part of your repertoire to enhance your visibility. As a business owner you want to use every possible channel to enhance your online presence as the more business is established, the better it works out.

When you choose a domain name for your business, ensure that it is line with your city or niche, and not only relates to the name of your business.

Creation of content

Once the domain name is formulated, next step has to be the creation of content. Encourage content which contributes to quality leads and the first step in this regard is to conduct a research of the main keywords in the headings or subheadings. It is a better idea to add the location of your business in the areas illustrated above. It is not easy as it sounds and it would not be a bad idea to hire a content developer if you are not familiar with the technical expertise on creating quality or engaging contents.

Website should be optimized

Once the content is read; get in touch with a professional web developer who will perform on-page and off-page SEO for your website. The website should have a strong user experience and then check the performance when the website is ready and how the SEO performs at the same time. There are free tools which will help you to check the performance of your website and take corrective measures if any loophole is associated with it.

Link building

Once the above stages are built, then it comes to the stage of link building. This is a mechanism that is often used in off page SEO and a method where external web pages with authority are being linked to the web pages. Some of the ways by which you can go on to build links are tying up with various business directories or sharing content on the various social media platforms.

SEO along with Social media marketing

To strengthen your online presence, you can opt for Facebook or Pay per click that is a campaign runs on Google Ad words. It is worth spending some money on it, as once traffic beckons onto your website, the keyword score improves and if it is undertaken on a consistent basis, your rankings on the search engines are going to improve considerably. It is not only creating an ad but optimization of it is another angle that you would need to consider.


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