Author: Shivanshi Srivastava

Digital Marketing Vs Offline Promotion – What and Why?

Digital Marketing Vs Offline Promotion – What and Why?

There is often a debate between the need and relevance of digital marketing and offline promotions for the growth of the business. Many people still consider that the traditional ways of marketing and following the offline promotional ways are the best to generate results and targeting the right pitch for sustaining with the business growth. […]

Detailed Review – Manfrotto MK290XTA3-3WUS 290 Xtra 3-Way Head Kit (Black)

When people ask me the best piece of photography advice, I always say it is the Kit you use. And the indispensable part of my photography kit is the “Tripod”. My tripod needs to be a perfect balance of weight to carry around and stability it offers. Zeroing upon the best is a tough call […]

Use Case – Artificial Intelligence for Risk and Compliance

Use Case_Artificial Intelligence for Risk and Compliance

Artificial Intelligence is the superset of natural language processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, and more such sophisticated technologies. With its dozens of other applications, AI is proving itself very useful in risk and compliance too. The Problem With increasing digitization, every industry needs to process an excessive amount of data every day. This data could […]