7 Tricks to Add Value to Your Infographics

7 Tricks to Add Value to Your Infographics
7 Tricks to Add Value to Your Infographics

Infographics are making news due to its ability to target the audience. It increases the linkability and brings in brand loyalty. Let us have a look at seven such tricks that can add value to your infographics.

YoureStyle of Story-Telling

It’s all about how you put the story-telling. It must be such that it is interesting at the same time should add value to your content. Put forth an infographics using cause and effect relationship, use metaphors, share a critical problem that your brand has solved, or what inspired you to come to business, celebrating a customer story etc. By using stories, it engages the minds of the audience more than a simple graph showing cause and effect relationship.

Being Vigilant About the Surroundings

This is not cheating but spying element which will let you know what kind of infographics is making all the difference. Check the features that are put forth by your relevant competitors, open a Pinterest account and see the maximum number of pinned posts. If those appeal to you, it is going to appeal to the audience. You are sure to get some idea from it and nurture them into yours.

Say Yes To Simple Design

Although the audience is head over heels for visual treats, too much of anything is wrong. Therefore keep your style of putting infographics simple. Do not try putting a Venn diagram and a pie chart together. Limit the number of images you want to put, the style you want to maintain. The idea is the viewer should be able to relate to the connections. Ask yourself, if the infographics have served you the purpose, has it given the relevant information, have you understood the pectoral graph. If the answers are affirmative, you are good to go.

Give Concrete Statistics

The motive of using infographics is to show how high the numbers are. Audiences like to see percentages, calculations to know how well an individual thing is beneficial to them. Therefore when you state 56% use green tea, 39% rely on black coffee and 5% on Luke warm water for health benefits. Now the numbers and statistics give a lot of impact on your charts and images.

CTA, Have You Got It Right?

At the end of the day, it is the call-to-action that is going to make a difference. Therefore to increase the CTA the drafting of the infographics should state a strong reason to call for. How do you do that? Make the CTA visible. Make it look different from the rest of your infographics. Make sure the words such as ‘follow us on twitter’ or ‘the contest ends on….’ or ‘download free today’ etc. should be bold and bright in the image.

Come Out Of the Traditional Use of Bar Diagrams

If you thought you had nailed your infographics with perfect bar diagrams, phew! You have slightly mistaken. Although infographics do rely on statistics and visual images with information, going the traditional way can be cumbersome sometimes. You got to think out of the box of putting the same information in a way that it appeals the mass. Get your webmasters to work at it and come up with brilliant designs.

Let the Headline Trigger the Gun

This is for sure; the first impression is the last impression. You have to give the infographics a title that is a robust one. It could be some punch lines; something that describes the infographics as well grabs the attention of the audience.


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