5 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

5 Tips for Using Instagram for Business
5 Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is making news all over. It has become the favorite social media marketing zone. Every marketer wishes to outperform and rule the market. From small businesses to enterprises, everyone is trying to establish itself there. Here are quick five tips to keep in mind while using Instagram for business:

  1. Get creative, use creativity and creation

Innumerable marketers are putting forth their best foot forward. You got to push the envelope further to outdo yourself. Therefore give the mass something creative, something appealing that they remain a fan forever and ever. Add value to your Instagram posts by providing quality images, videos, GIFs, and as a matter of fact, Instagram stories work wonders. As they come to the first post on the time liners. The fan following increases if the tale impresses them. Therefore get creative and use creativity to indulge your audience to your brand. It could be something funny, a prank played or mannequin challenge and so on.

  • Dealing with real-life situations

It is imperative to understand why the fans are following you? They are following you to know you. They want to know how much to trust the brand. Therefore give the audience that they are looking for. Take them behind the scenes of your brand. Show them how things are made. Show them the hard work behind the brand. For instance, if you are into confectionary line, take them behind the scenes and let the mass know how things work. From where does the flour come, how it is sieved, the machinery, the people at work, the shaping of the cookies, the ingredients used. In fact, reveal the secret of the scrumptious cookies. You won’t believe how audience gets excited to see how it is made.

  • Maintain a consistency

Once you have a fan following and want more to join you, it becomes impeccable to keep a viscosity in the flow. You cannot pour too many at a time, at the same time, you cannot give a gap of your posts. Nevertheless, bring in a consistency plan of posting. This will help the mass to know when to look forward to your posts. In fact, the audience waits for a particular time to look at the posts. This brings in getting viewership, brand trust, and loyalty and increase in potential customers. Therefore let your followers know that every 48 hours or 36 hours, you shall be posting about competitions. Or every 36 hours there will be a friendly chat with employers and customers.

  • Coffee with employers

Yes, it works brilliantly well.  Proudly introduce your employees to your audience. The actresses off late have started doing this for their Instagram speed up. They introduce their make-up artists to their hair stylists to their managers. The mass is very inquisitive. They are always on a search for some scoop. Might as well give them the kind of scoop they are looking for. For instance a baby showers ceremony of your employer or a birthday celebration at the factory or winning the best employee of the year etc.

  • An eye for an eye

It is a great practice to follow other brands too. This will give you over the edge ideas of putting things forth. Know what the consumers are looking for and so on. You can use Statigram to check the kind of brands of your genre trending on Instagram.


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